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Social Media Marketing

Business Marketing is an Important benefit of hiring a Social Media Marketing Agency. Our  Agency promotes products and services of a company by devising effective strategies. Our Agency Manage a Brand's Presence on all Social Networking sites while working to get the attention of the maximum Audience possible.
Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn Business Pages Should be Already Setup. If Not Extra Charges are Applicable. 
Our Speciality is Political Persons or Parties Campaigning using Social Media Channels :
Facebook and Instagram Marketing:
What will you get?
Product Details as Below:
Facebook Types Ad Campaigns:
a) Drive online Sales
b) Increase local Sales
c) Promote your App
d) Raise Brand Awareness
e) Generate leads
Payment  Terms & Conditions:
*1.Click Buy Now & Complete Order
*2.Fees are Non-Refundable at any cost.
*3.Time Required For Ad Campaign Setup 2-4 days from Date of Payment.
*4.One Campaign will be of  3 unique ads to Achieve Goals.
*5.Prices are inclusive of all Taxes.
*6.Customers have to Provide their login id's and passwords.
*7.Subscription is valid for one month only from Date of Purchase.
*8.Doorstep Service is not Applicable
Note: For Ad Banners, Logos and Videos etc Customers has to Pay Separate Fees